Thursday, June 18, 2015

Living Room Cha-cha-changes

I've been making a few changes to our main living space and am dropping in today to share the first of many minor tweaks that have been happening over the last few weeks.
I've been eager to infuse a little more color into our normally neutral living room for quite some time and one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to do that is through pillows. It's so easy and convenient to change out your pillows throughout the season or hey...just because! I'm a known hoarder of pillows and can always be found perusing the pillow aisles at any home décor store. One of the greatest things about having a mainly neutral base is that it makes adding color on a whim, so easy!
I picked these vibrant blue floral motif pillows up at HomeGoods and I think they're the perfect counterpart to the darker navy curtains while boldly standing out against the neutral backdrop of the couch.
I'm loving these new pillows so much and think they bring in the perfect amount of color for summer.
What do you think? Do you love HomeGoods as much as this girl does? Have you ever switched out your pillows for an instant change or for a quick living room face lift? How are you infusing color into your home this Summer?
Be sure to check back soon for the other living room changes we've made over the last few weeks! I'm so excited for you all to see!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

15 Minute Fix - Bar Tray

Hi friends!!

I'm back from our Hawaiian vacation, very well rested, and cant wait to share all the fun we had basking in the sun! With all unpacking and laundry that needs to be done I thought the best first project back post vacation would be another project in my 15 Minute Fix series where I tackle a project or something on my to-do / want-to-do list in 15 minutes or less because sometimes all we have time for are quick little projects, am I right?
This project is all about reinventing an ordinary, every day item. My favorite kind of DIY! I spotted this pink mirror at the thrift store and although I didn't need a new mirror, the mirror was inset in a deep frame and I thought it'd make the perfect tray. Just so happened that I needed a tray because one can never have too many trays!
To change my thrift store find from a mirror to a tray, I started by taping off the mirror with some computer paper and painters tape and then sprayed the entire frame white.

 After the frame was painted, I removed the hanging hardware from the back of the frame. Once the hardware was removed, I covered the bottom of the tray with craft foam sheets that I found at Michael's. To adhere the foam to the back of the mirror, I used spray glue and let it cure for a full day.
To add some interest to the mirror turned tray so that it wasn't just a boring white tray, I attached these brass corner brackets on each corner.

 Once completed, I loaded up my new mirrored tray with all our bar essentials. The mirrored tray is reflective and looks great with all our decanters we've collected. Since the tray is mainly stationary and really just meant to define a space atop our buffet and to corral all our bar necessities, I never have to/need to move it while all loaded up. I don't suggest transporting the tray fully loaded as the mirror may crack under the weight of the items.

How's that for a quick 15 minute project? This project was so, so easy and the perfect post vacation project while I'm knee deep in laundry and vacationing from my vacation!