Friday, May 15, 2015


In a little over 3 weeks, I'll be 30k feet in the sky and on my way to Hawaii. Aloooo-ha! I cannot wait! The sand and sun will sure beat this weird rainy weather we've been experiencing the last few days. Rain in California? Is there even such a thing?!
This time around we chose to rent a house vs. staying in a hotel and from what I can gather from all the reviews and recommendations from friends and's absolutely the way to go. The pictures online of the house are stunning. It's a waterfront property and exactly what tropical dreams are made of. If you follow me on Instagram (you totally should) I'm sure I'll be sharing plenty of beautiful sites and scenery along the way, so don't miss out!
Because I have Hawaii on the brain, I've rounded up some items with a tropical flair and thought I might share my finds with you! Even if you can't go on a little tropical vacay, doesn't mean the tropics can't come to you!
Hawaiian Style 
I'm pretty sure there aren't any flamingos in Hawaii, but hey...I couldn't resist. Also...I'm dying to get my hands on those canisters. Who doesn't love pineapples or white ceramics?! one! As for that pineapple bowl...I recently scored a similar one at a thrift store for a couple bucks, but this one is gorgeous. And that flatware. Don't get me started. Just make sure you leave enough for me to buy too!
We'll be vacationing in Oahu and while this will be our second time visiting this beautiful island, I'm always eager to find new places to explore, see, or things to do! That's where you come in. Suggestions are very much welcomed before I head on out! Any must-see, must-do, must-eat spots that you absolutely love? Help a girl out here, I'd love to hear!