Friday, October 14, 2016

Featured Friday

Not only do I love decorating but I love reading about it too. At this stage in my pregnancy I’m finding myself restless and anxious…waking up in the middle of the night and unable to fall back asleep. Thankfully the internet is my friend and soothes me back to sleep but it also means I’m scouring the web at all hours of the day and night and I always seem to stumble upon stuff too good not to share.

Other fun things this week:
This year S and I are trying to live a healthier lifestyle and have chosen a few “food groups” to give up. So far we’ve given up fried foods, desserts, burgers, and pizza. Except maybe that one time I got stuck in traffic for over 2 hours and ordered a pizza on the way home…but who can blame a hungry pregnant lady? No one said I was perfect. So when I ran across this Jalapeno Popper Pizza, I about cried because it looks so delicious…AND I CAN’T HAVE IT!

Mail…the bane of my existence! I swear millions of trees are being killed by the second with the amount of unwanted junk mail that shows up in my mailbox I remember my grandpa telling me before he passed how he used to mail the junk mail back in those no postage required envelopes…now that’s an idea! So when Dana shared her method for corralling all the paper that crosses her threshold, I was all ears.

S thinks the new baby needs a new puppy (specifically a bulldog) so now I get videos like this. On.the.daily. He sure is making it hard to say no! As if we really need one more thing to take care of…  
A modern take on the traditional shower curtain rod has my heart all a flutter.

It’s my favorite time of year! The One Room Challenge is underway and every year I kick myself for not joining in on the fun as a Guest Participant. Maybe next year - I’m looking at you bathroom! But until then...keep up with all the ORC excitement here!
With baby on the way that means I’m laser focused on getting the nursery started and finding the perfect glider where I know many nights will be spent. If only I had a million dollars I’d gladly hand over my wad of cash on one of these beauts here, here, and here.
We’re currently transitioning from wood hangers to these flocked, no-slip wonders and I’m amazed by how much space we’ve saved in our not-so-big closets. More space = time to go shopping, right?

Happy Friday, friends!