About Me

Hey, there!
Thank you for stopping by and welcome to by itty bitty corner of the webiverse!
I'm Danae (pronounced duh-nay) and am a self-proclaimed-forever-30-something (I'm totally in denial about ageing in case you can't tell) living and loving in sunny Southern California.
I started this blog in 2015 while renting a smallish 1000 square foot apartment in one of the most expensive housing markets in California. Despite living in several different apartments over the past decade, I still wanted our temporary space to feel like a forever home would one day feel. All while living on a shoestring budget.
In 2016 we purchased our first home, albeit not our dream home and not even our forever home, but it's ours nonetheless and we couldn't be more excited about its potential. It's the perfect starter home for our fastly growing family - we're currently expecting and due early 2017 - and we really can't wait to make it reflect our personal style. The 1970's called and they want their flesh-colored tile and burgundy counter tops back. Just sayin'.
When we aren't working our full time jobs, you can usually find us working on our 1970's fixer upper and documenting it all here.


  1. HI I am in love with your couch. May I please ask where you bought it?

  2. Hi I love your couch and your pillows and tables I would love to know where you bought it

  3. Yeah same here I want to know where you bought your beautiful couch

    1. The couch was purchased locally at a store called the Design Center in Orange, Ca. It's a Robert Michael couch from the Rocky Mountain collection.